The review of online reviews

I can pretty much guarantee, that just about everyone has had to deal with bad reviews on their business, services, staff, etc. When it isn’t our own business, and we don’t know the back story, we easily can fall victim to being so aghast and trusting that negative review that we go searching for another option. However, how can we fully trust that what the reviewer is presenting is 100% factual? The answer is, we can’t. The consumers reading the reviews 1. weren’t there 2. didn’t have first-hand experience with the reviewer 3. doesn’t even know the reviewer. Throughout our years in business we’ve had people slander and libel our businesses and name posing context that is inaccurate, hateful, and degrading.

Today, more than ever, our right to freedom of speech has become greater than ever. People write whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want stopping at no means to defame and destroy a person or business. This age of speaking without thinking and spreading rumors and lies without the facts I’d say has touched just about everyone. Then when the tables are turned, the negative reviewer gets upset and offended. So funny when that happens isn’t it.

When reading online reviews take them with a grain of salt. The positive 5-star reviews are wonderful to a business and they are so appreciated. When you see those negative reviews make sure you consider all the variables. Is what this person saying accurate? Do they have proof or photos or are they just going on a rampage? Does the company have a history of related reviews? Chances are if the reviewer doesn’t have the concrete evidence to support their claims then typically it’s inaccurate.

One additional note in regards to our specific industry, restoration and cleaning, we do what we need to do to satisfy our customers, hands down every time. However, when we are working with insurance companies we have to do what they tell us to do. When customers are asking us to do things that the insurance company will not approve we simply cannot do that. That’s insurance fraud. We follow the instructions given by adjusters as well as industry and corporate standards. We are the ONLY restoration company in over 3 counties fully certified with the IICRC (the industry standard for the cleaning and restoration business). We do our best always and sometimes when people don’t think that’s enough, they’re capable of posting a negative review saying whatever they want providing as many inaccuracies as they want.

We work hard and strive to go above and beyond our customers expectations but we also will not be taken advantage of. We stand firm on our policies and procedures because it allows us to produce the best results possible.

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