Most Common Fires

Here at Rainbow, we have seen an out of the ordinary amount of fires so far this year. In the  past, the number of fires we would get in a year is now what we see in a month. Restoration work is tough because we have to deal with losses that are extremely devastating and emotions run very high with clients. Our job is to alleviate the pain associated with such a devastation and restore the home or business to original or better condition.

One of the top causes we see are wood stove or chimney fires. The time it takes for a fire of this type to get out of control and is a matter of seconds. This extremely short time frame can lead to panic and inability to get you, family, and pets out in a safe manner.

Moral of the story is that you can NEVER be too careful. Wood burning fireplaces are beautiful and offer a cozy environment but you can turn your back for one minute and have a serious issue on your hands. The 2 top tips we have are: 1. Clean your chimney and 2. Watch what You are doing. Proper maintenance and diligence is key.

Be safe. Don’t leave candles unattended, don’t leave a fire unattended, make sure stove latches are closed completely. Watch the stove- if you’re cooking especially with grease use extreme caution. A fire obviously is extremely dangerous but the dangers can be almost eliminated with a watchful eye and regular maintenance.

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