Who are our Owners?

April 1, 2015- Rainbow International of Watertown was purchased by Michael and Sissy Colello. Previously, the business was essentially run out of a home with very minimal office, supply, and transportation space. On top of that, it was not accessible to the community it was tucked away and no one knew where we were. As with their other successful businesses, the Colello’s had a promise to ignite exponential growth into the business and move it to where it made sense for our consumers and community.

Business Minded Duo

Michael and Sissy Colello are both local from Jefferson County both growing up in LaFargeville and Clayton, later moving to Watertown. Combined, the duo boasts impressive business developing and operations prowess. Before marrying, Michael attended both Penn State University and SUNY Oneonta where he graduated with a BSBA. Sissy, successfully completed the Licensed Practical Nursing Program through Jefferson-Lewis Boces. She held positions at River Hospital and Samaritan Keep Home and worked as an LPN. Immediately after graduating from Oneonta, Michael joined his parents (then) family-owned business, F.K. Gailey located in LaFargeville, NY. He took over as the managing director, Sissy joined the company three years later after they were married as an administrative assistant. The family owned business was sold by Mike and Sissy in 1998.

In 2000 they started their next venture which is one of their most successful business development projects to date. They purchased, the old and very dated Dunkin Donuts store on Arsenal St. (the only one in Jefferson and Lewis county at the time) and began pursuing the franchise. Extensive training and franchise instruction was required and the wealth of knowledge learned at Dunkin Donuts University made the almost eight year ownership one of the franchise’s most successful company-wide. Their promise to their customers and employees (100+), to give their absolute best is the simple source to their success. Michael was an advisory board member

2005- Michael Colello at the opening of the Lowville, NY Dunkin Donuts. Featured with the stores first manager.

at Dunkin Donuts and worked for them as a consultant even after the sale to the current owners. Their greatest achievements during their ownership include:


  • Business growth from 1-5 locations in less than 5 years.
  • Establishing the 1st Dunkin Donuts on a military base, Ft. Drum
  • Winner of Excellence in Small Business for outstanding business development,
    leadership, and community involvment.

Between 2009 and 2013 they took on many business ventures both together and individually. Sissy purchased the Curves of Watertown franchise where she directly absorbed and grew membership, handled promotions and leads, and also was a certified personal trainer. Michael dipped into another family business, Frontenac Crystal Springs and directly handled the company on all platforms. In 2013 he sold his share of the company when a new venture emerged.

Rainbow International of Watertown popped up and Mike tirelessly began recruiting to increase revenues in the remediation category of the business and explore other avenues for growth. He was upfront from the beginning and always had the intention to purchase. Two years later, he and Sissy, together purchased Rainbow International of Watertown and immediately got to work. Since their purchase, the company has taken on four new employees, moved the business to a more suitable location, completed numerous extended learning courses and taken on a number of certifications. They thoroughly enjoy running a family-owned business and taking on the challenge of a business they had no background in. If you never challenge yourself, you’ll never realize your full potential or growth.

Outside of the office

Michael is the current President of the Watertown Chamber of Commerce Executive  Committee and a Director on the Red Cross.

Mike and Sissy have 3 daughters in their 20s, a son-in-law, a grandson, and a dog.

Sissy also sits on the committee for Back Pack Program through the United Way and has added Rainbow to the list of donation contributors to aid in helping under privileged children in the Watertown City School District bring home backpacks full of food for them and their families.

Together, they are avid gym-goers, enjoy spending time with their family and dog, traveling, and sports-mostly hockey.


Read the NNY Business Magazine article that recently featured Mike and Sissy.

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