The Most Common Water Damage Claims

It’s #WaterWednesday again! In Northern New York we have the privilege of having absolutely gorgeous season, however, we are extremely susceptible to some brutal winters. Winters here are commonly very cold and snow and ice storms are never too far off the radar.

The Top 2 Water Damage Claims In Our Area:

Pipe Burst

Pipe Bursts are easily the number one. It really goes without saying because it does get SO cold here and even the most cautious homeowner can be vulnerable to such loss. Later, we’ll offer some tips to lower your risk of being affected by such a devastation.

Sump Pump Failures

These can get kind of tricky because your insurance policies may have limited coverage or no coverage at all. A lot of sump pump issues arise because of cheap materials, improper fitting pumps, and improper installation. So, when it comes to sump pumps, make sure your not using cheap materials and hire qualified professionals. Investing in excellent equipment could save you from a water loss costing upwards of $10,000.

As we’ve done before, we’ll uncover ways to winterize your home in an effort to save you from disastrous and costly water damages:

  1. Winterize your outdoor hoses and faucets. Turn on the faucets and drain the lines. Locate the shut-off valves and turn off the water to the outside faucets.
  2. Insulate indoor pipes and ensure cold air is not blowing on them. Pack all cracks with insulation and seal off crawlspaces.If you can feel cold air coming in from the outside there is an immense potential for freezing pipes.
  3. Do not turn your heat off or below 55-60 degrees. The most common mistake we see is when people leave on vacation and turn their heat off. It’s a recipe for failure and costly water mitigation
  4. Lastly, don’t try and DIY your water damage. The thing we hear most is that people will try and shop vac up the water and think everything is OK. Not true. Without a professional, you have no idea what’s behind that material. The carpet or drywall may seem or look dry but what lies beneath or behind is where the problem lies.

In any case, the sooner you call the professionals at Rainbow International of Watertown, the better! When you delay the water mitigation process it only makes your claim more costly and extensive.



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