Snow Storm Survival

In case you weren’t aware, it snowed yesterday. Though we live in the North Country and are pretty accustomed to that type of weather, we need to be more proactive when preparing for the upcoming winter months. Taking precautions and preparing in advance could alleviate a lot of aggravation when winter finally does rear its ugly head.

Survival Kits

  • Prepare your survival kits. Here is a list of what the Red Cross recommends- at least a 3 day supply of water and non-perishable food, flashlight, extra batteries, battery-powered radio, first aid kit, cell phone chargers including fully charged power banks, personal hygiene items, copies of important documents, cash, baby and pet supplies (if applicable), tools, extra blankets, coat, gloves, hat, heating method.
  • Think of all possible scenarios. For example, you should have a kit available at work, in your car, and at home. Think about where a snow storm might leave you stranded.
  • Be proactive. Know the weather forecast. When you plan ahead of time and are prepared for the winter, snow storms and winter weather won’t catch you off guard, and you also won’t be running off to Wal-Mart like 10,000 other people when there’s word of a terrible storm.


Make sure your vehicle is filled with gas

Maintain your heating equipment (*cough cough* get your air ducts cleaned)

Lastly, if you’re going out of town DO NOT turn your heat below 60!! I mean, unless you wanna come home to burst pipes and a major water loss on your hands, then by all means, do it. This exact scenario is where 90% of our calls come from in the winter. Make sure you don’t turn your heat down and also ensure that your pipes are windows are properly insulated.


Get ahead of the game while it’s still early. Don’t get caught in a bad situation because you didn’t make time to prepare for winter. Make sure you call us and trust our services if you ever find your home in a bad spot this winter. We’re on call 24/7 and will be there to help.


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