Air Duct Cleaning- Why You Need It Done.

Let’s admire this morning at how beautiful autumn truly is here in the North Country. Unfortunately, autumn becomes synonymous with warm weather ending and winter approaching. That means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors and cranking up the heat. Has the health of your air ducts ever come to mind? Maybe you just think that getting your ducts cleaned is unnecessary as there’s no way they could be that dirty. Well my friends, I hate to tell you but, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a typical six-room home may have up to 40 pounds of dust created annually through everyday living. Interesting and disgusting at the same time. Where do you think all that dust goes? Your HVAC system picks up all that dust and spreads it throughout your home, doesn’t that sound healthy? I didn’t think so.

Getting your air ducts cleaned offers the following benefits:

  • Less dusting required: When dust builds up in the duct work, it can be blown out into the living space when the blower motor kicks on. This leads to dustier surfaces.
  • Improve indoor air quality: One of the biggest reasons people seek air duct cleaning is to eliminate contaminants that cause asthma and allergies symptoms.
  • Save energy and money: Air moves most freely over smooth, clean surfaces. The EPA states that a buildup of only .042 inches of dust in the duct work can decrease heating and cooling efficiency by more than 20 percent. Clean ducts can therefore save energy and lower your utility bills to help the service pay for itself.

Rainbow International of Watertown is a fully certified firm with NADCA, and the ONLY certified member in the area. NADCA is committed to quality assurance and holds very high standards of performance of its members.

When we come and do a thorough and FREE estimate of your duct system, we will inspect for mold growth, vermin, and excessive dust. All are extremely hazardous to you and your family so hire the professional technicians at Rainbow to clean your ducts and give you peace of mind that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Call Rainbow today. Our schedule is filling up fast so don’t wait!


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Be sure to utilize the following links for more duct cleaning information:


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