Escape Planning

Since it’s Friday, let’s talk Fire #FireFriday

Do you have an emergency escape plan established for your home our business?

The thought of your home or business being engulfed in flames is probably something you don’t want to dwell on. However, you can’t ignore the possibility of fire, either. Here’s what you can do; develop a fire escape plan for work and at home so you can be prepared if a blaze ever does break out.

How to Make A Plan.

Get a floor plan of your home our office. If you don’t have the floor plan available to you then draw out a sketch- it doesn’t have to look like you just graduated with an architect degree, a rough layout will suffice. The important things to include are doors, windows, and any openings either interior or exterior.

Visit each room and contemplate at least two ways to escape via windows and doors. Ensure that all escape routes i.e. windows and doors are unblocked and easily accessible.

Create a meeting spot. Good examples are: the mailbox, neighbors house, nearby stop sign. Mark that meeting spot on the floor plan.

Once you’ve established the meeting spot and escape routes for each room, make sure every family member or co-worker (whether you’re at home or work) knows the plan in its entirety.

Lastly, stage fire drills. Schedule them and even do a drill unannounced. Everyone will become acclimated and composed if there ever were a real emergency.

You Can Never Be Too Careful

Post signs for emergency evacuation routes.

Make emergency phone numbers known and visible. Make sure everyone knows the local fire departments number. Also, establish a handful of people who you can trust will remain calm in an emergency. Designate them roles such as dialing 911, using a fire extinguisher, or helping out individuals who may need assistance during an emergency.

When you’re out in a public place, establish the nearest exit as well as all available exits. At games, events, and movies they don’t just say, “locate your nearest emergency exit” for fun. Take it seriously and establish with whoever you’re with where you’ll meet if anything really does go wrong.

Be Prepared

Look at these facts from the Red Cross:


  • Less than one in five families with children age 3-17 (18 percent) have actually practiced home fire drills.
  • Less than half of parents (48 percent) have talked to their families about fire safety.
  • Only one third of families with children (30 percent) have identified a safe place to meet outside their home.

Do your part and create an emergency plan at your home and work because being too safe is impossible. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d rather have a plan ahead of time than be caught in a panic if a fire or emergency ever did occur.


When a fire starts in your home or business, the first step is to make sure everyone’s okay. Then you can begin the restoration process with help from Rainbow International of Watertown. Contact us for more fire safety tips or to schedule fire restoration services.

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