Protecting Your Property From Damage and Theft

Alright everyone so here’s something to think about on your Wednesday morning, can you rest peacefully at night knowing all your personal possessions are covered under insurance? Would you be compensated if they were stolen or damaged? That’s a pretty scary thought to think about but it’s something you can control with your insurance company.

This post from our corporate blog helps outline everything that you can do to protect your personal property from a disaster or theft.

Check it out at the link I provided

I think that this is a non-negotiable necessity! Whenever and wherever I move, I always make sure that my possessions are covered under insurance, it’s the first thing I do before I move in. So obviously it’s not just about the monetary damage of stolen or damaged possessions there’s also the devastating emotional damage that comes with having a possession near to your heart damaged or worse, stolen. Did you know, Rainbow has partnerships with restorers who are capable of restoring electronics, textiles, data recovery, and everything in between? Between ourselves and our partners, we will always try our hardest to bring your most beloved or expensive possessions back to pre-damage or better condition. Trust me, we get it and sometimes it can be very tough when dealing with a disaster but help alleviate the stress by getting the proper insurance coverage!

The cooler weather this weekend would be a great time to get ahead of the game.

  • Inventory, Inventory, Inventory!- Not only will this help you in a disaster to have a list of your personal property but how else are you going to put the value on your personal possessions if you don’t know what you have? $$$
  • Do Your Research- Who has the best coverage? Do you have any existing insurance that offers additional coverage for possessions? Call your insurance agent, what do they suggest?
  • Fall Cleaning- as your going through all your stuff, it’d be the PERFECT time to clean stuff out. Send things to charity or put them up for sale. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some hidden treasures.

After a disaster, call us! We’ll be there for you and we’ll help go through everything with you and make a list of what needs to be replaced and turn it into insurance!

So, lets get ahead of the game this weekend and do yourself a favor by taking inventory and putting a value on your possessions. It’s so important! Find out what your best coverage options are and pick one. Your devastation after a disaster or theft could be short-lived if you are one step ahead of it.

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